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Pissing off Barbra

Darling fans,

I'm afraid I've made waves with a legend. Barbara Streisand is a bit mad at me I am afraid because she left me a couple of messages on my voice mail and I haven't quite had time to call her back. And when I say "I haven't had time" I mean, I've been too busy sipping apricot nectar and getting my nails done to have my assistant call her for me.

I found a rather angry post-it note on my windshield a couple of weeks ago, and it smelled of pimento loaf and bourbon, so I knew it was her for sure. I mean the only other person that smell could be is Bob Saget, and he's a bit enamorate of me, so he would never use words like "doo doo head" on a post it.

No... it was definitely Barbra Streisand. But I don't blame her, she's got a lot of stress right now with the Meet the Fockers whirlwind in her career.

I do hope I can make this right with her very soon.


p.s. I am having too much fun connecting with many of my celebrity friends on myspace.com. Not only have I hooked up with girlfriends like Paris and Beyonce, but some old flames like John Stamos, Willy Wonka, and Usher. Check it out sometime! www.myspace.com/flatulina
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