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Holiday Mania

Hello dear sweet fans-
Well, I must say the Feel the Heat Part 2 Tour is taking off with a bang, despite my booty syncing humiliation I wrote about earlier. The fish are as bubbly as ever. L'Monjello kept them in peak form vocally, and it was only a couple of weeks of rehearsals and it was like we'd never parted. Little Lenny Kravitz has put on some weight, but it doesn't affect his sound too much. I hate to say he's my favorite fish... so I won't.

George Spelvin, my new special friend has now taken over as stage manager for the shows. So between having L'Monjello as my fish trainer, Tootie as my road manager, George as my stage manager, Jemima as my body guard, Babs as my assistant, and then my little fish choir, we are quite a happy family... as long as my air filters keep working. And hopefully my former boyfriend and then stalker Alan Smithee [alansmitheex ] won't show up again to follow me on this tour. That was an ordeal I never want to live through again. I can still remember the horror of getting his package on Christmas day and see what he had cut off his body to send me. Well actually I didn't see it with my OWN eyes since it was my assistant who opened it, but I never want to see her react that way again.

Tootie [tootietull] is still her lovably despondent self. She has started taking her hand at song writing and has even done some performances at some "pagan songwriter in the round" nights, but from what she tells me she got boo'd off the stage and escorted out by the show's host. Apparently she wasn't gothic enough for them. They were doing songs like "Blood Mother" and "Leatherwinged Bats", and she had titles like "Running with Scissors" and "Puppy Kicker". She said they seemed interested in "Puppy Kicker" until they found out she was talking about a stuffed animal. That was when they made her leave. Poor Tootie. She says this is making her dangerously close to falling back into her addictions, so we are once again searching her room every day for Afrin bottles. And she doesnt' show a trace of attraction to L'Monjello any more which is just as well. She was very unstable through that whole saga with him being in a coma. I'm glad I could write about all of it in this livejournal as it was happening. Every now and then a person has to release what's inside of them, no matter how explosive or unpleasant. That's my personal philosophy anyway.

So on that note, I will bid farewell. And if you didn't already know, you can now download songs digitally from my site. Flatulina.com Isn't that the best?

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