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Booty Syncing

Hello my sweet and ever faithful fans-
I first want to thank those of you who have written me expressing your concern for me after the flood of unfavorable headlines about me recently. I am not proud of what has occured, but I want to assure you that the only reason I did it was out of desperation. I knew I needed to perform, I couldn't cancel on such short notice, and I simply did not have my usual abundance of gas. I knew for me to go out there and perform without having a safety net would potentially be catastrophic. So I did what I never thought I would do, I booty synced.

You and I know that even if I booty synched on it or not, I'd still get seen by dozens of Molvanians, maybe even make a few more fans. I'll hold my head high and say I think it was silly of me to do it, silly of me to blame the Gas-X, I was just so... out of gas. But I don't think it did me much harm, and people will see that soon.

I am so thankful I have the love and support of my dear new friend George Spelvin, and the rest of my entourage. They provide a wonderful buffer for me from the real world, real people, and real consequences.

On another note, you may already know, I am now finished with my contract, portraying Veronica Kelly as a part of the cast of Chicago on Broadway, and will soon begin my travels on my "Feel the Heat Part 2" Tour. Tootie may not be acting as tour manager this time, I don't know for sure. But L'Monjello and the fish will definitely rejoin me. I am so looking forward to being with my sweet little fish choir again. I have missed them so.

Anyway, please do forgive darling fans, I will try to communicate better with you in the upcoming months. And when I say "I will try to communicate better with you" I mean, I will tell my assistant to pretend she's me and post entries into this LiveJournal.

And now I will practice the fine art of distraction and denial and lose myself in online quizzes.

Ta taaa dear ones!

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