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Hello dear ones!
What can I say, my life is just busier all the time it seems. Many of you will be excited to know that I've been working with my friend Marcy on a RADIO SHOW!! We will be making that available sometime soon I hope. We are giving ADVICE, so if you need advice, feel free to write in and ask us. We will do our best to answer all of your questions. Send your querries to info@flatulina.com.

In the mean time, being in the cast of Chicago is still great, but since I'm on a short term contract, my management is telling me that they think I should move on when the contract expires and not renew. I am so glad I came, though, because I've made friends with a very special person named George Spelvin, and I must say he is quite attentive to me. I took him to Molvania on a long weekend off, and he loved it there. I think he's considering buying a vacation home there also.

Last week, L'Monjello brought a couple of my little fishies to visit me, and that was wonderful. They are getting out of practice vocally, but we will work them back up before our next concert. I do think they were jealous of George Spelvin, though.

stay tuned people!
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