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Goodbye to Molvania, HELLO BROADWAY!

Oh darling fans,
I must confess I've been a bit trepidacious as this new season has approached, but now that I have begun rehearsing for my new role as Veronica Kelly in the Broadway cast of Chicago, I can honestly say I'm having the time of my life. The people in the cast are so affectionate and friendly with each other. And the men all have a strange quality, they remind me very much of my Uncle Flatulenny. It seems strange to think I was in Antarctica only a few months ago. Like an alternate reality.

But re-entry in the the U.S. was no easy journey. Suffice it to say that me riding on a commercial flight without my flatulence filter [couldn't get it through security] was a rather touchy situation. I just passed the time by getting lost in thoughts of remembering all that has happened in the last six months. My time in Antarctica with my family, being stalked by my ex-boyfriend Alan Smithee, performing in Lesbia and Zamibia, discovering Molvania and buying a vacation home, seeing Hortense after all this time, it's all been so fast and fleeting.

Hortense is doing well. She took to Molvania like a duck to butter. Once she learned her way around, she would go for very long meandering adventures, trying to find exactly where it is that "old world meets concrete". It was so heart-warming really. She has decided to stay there and care for the fish until L'Monjello can get back to Molvania to retrieve them. Her work in Switzerland is on hold indefinitely. I'm sorry to say that perhaps hiring her to develop my "Flatulessence" fragrance may not have been the wisest decision. Maybe there will be success at some point, but from what I've gathered, she got caught up in inventing some weight-loss formula and never got her focus back.

Tootie is really enjoying her work as the bouncer at the Ruby Tuesdays salad bar in Michigan. I'm hoping she can come and visit me in New York sometime. She wanted me to check out the "goth ice dancing scene" for her. I'm not expecting to find much, but I do think it's fabulous that she hasn't completely lost interest in it after the fiasco with L'Monjello and the booger in his nose.

Ah, but this journal entry is getting too long. I have more to tell, but I will wait until next time.


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