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A brilliant idea!

Hello sweet fans!
Sometimes I must admit that I do impress myself with my clever ideas. It happened the other day when I went to this Molvanian restaurant. It was an experience I cannot describe, but it was a combination of people watching with all of the bad teeth, bad hair, bad skin, worse clothes, and rampant unwanted facial hair - and the smells, more acrid and suffocating than anyone in America would ever imagine. And that was just my appetizer... So then it hit me... HORTENSE! hortensefaith

If there was ever a country where my dear friend Hortense Faith would be socially accepted, it is Molvania! I called her immediately... well as soon as I found a working telephone line, and told her she needed to pack her bags and come to Molvania. I really think she might even find herself a man here, which would be the first time since she used to volunteer at the Adult Center for the Deaf, Blind, and Clueless when she had that one boyfriend who used to play checkers and watch Teletubbies all day.

And I daresay her natural speech impediment might serve her well with the Molvanian pronuciations.

It is a great thing when everything comes together and the universe makes sense.

Much love and fabulosity-
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